After 35 years of designing Bioarchitecture homes and structures all over the world, it became obvious to us that people everywhere, no matter what their resources are, wish to create and live in spaces that speak to them about harmony, beauty, elegance, flow, comfort and sustainability.

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In particular, there is a new wave of interest in homes that have that extra special something; a certain quality that sets it apart from every other design.  That something is Holistic Design, which is the art and science of perceiving, designing and constructing spaces which embody the essence and expression of beauty.  All of the homes and special spaces available for sale on this website are based on these principles.

However, even though our product designs are unique and out of the ordinary, we created this web shop to make them accessible and affordable to anyone who wants to live in such a space.  We offer 21 designs, all telling stories of geometric harmony which will excite and enthral.  There are 6 Family Homes, 6 Small Homes, and 9 Special Spaces, all of which can be easily purchased for a token price, within a limited time only on this website.

We provide the buyer with a set of detailed design drawings (in electronic format); which can then be used to form the basis of relevant code and construction documentation.  Each design can also be adjusted and used for purposes and functions other than those described.  The architectural styling of the exterior can also express a full spectrum of visual idioms in addition to the ones illustrated (modern, rustic, organic etc.), in order to suit any personal preferences, regional traditions or architectural vernacular.

6 Family houses
6 Small houses
9 Special projects